Rosie and Bobby share a rat - June 20th, 2014

I visited Washington Square Park yesterday but did not see either fledgling before the rain forced me to leave early in my visit.

A fellow Hawk-watcher saw one of the fledglings this morning but I was not so lucky. However I did see Rosie and Bobby in fine form today.

I first found Bobby by his shadow. I was glancing at some construction going on outside of what's called Merchant's House Museum on 4th Street between Bowery and Lafayette Street. All of a sudden I saw a huge bird's shadow pass over the side of the museum. I looked up to see Bobby circling above. He was circling above the same corner I saw him above on April 18th:

He zoomed northwestward over the buildings, right toward the park.

I found him sitting with Rosie on One Fifth Avenue when I finally reached the park a few minutes later. It only took Bobby a few mere seconds to make the same trip.

Rosie on the left:

A pair of Mockingbirds dive-bombed them.

Rosie flew off and circled around:

She rejoined Bobby. He then flew off:

He headed southeast. She followed him a couple of seconds later:


He flew away then reappeared on the rear of NYU's Silver Center:

He had a rat:

Rosie flew after him:

She joined him at what's called the NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences Building:

A fellow Hawk-watcher has spotted Rosie and Bobby on that building a few times lately.

Rosie moved to my right:

The rat's tail seen just in front of her:

Like before, Rosie followed him immediately:

Bobby on the Education Building:

I searched and searched for Rosie and was super lucky to have noticed movement on the building in front of me just as I was turning. It was Rosie, eating the rat:

A Mockingbird found her too and dive-bombed her for a couple of minutes.

She left the rat and flew to a park tree across the street:

Bobby appeared several minutes later, circled around One Fifth, then flew in one swoop to the rat:

One Fifth behind him:

He took the rat to the trees:


I found Bobby sitting in a window at NYU's Shimkin building:

I'm not sure who it was but one of the adults was sunning on One Fifth: