Rosie and fledgling, post-meal - June 8th, 2014

A fellow Hawk-watcher got to see Rosie feed the fledgling who is still in Washington Square Park a few minutes before I arrived this morning.

Rosie fed the fledgling on the same Silver Center 'dinner table' Violet would feed Pip at back in 2011

Yes, that particular ledge is as good a spot as any for a feeding since it is wide and flat but I found it rather touching and remarkable that these two different mothers used the very same ledge to feed their young. And being the softie that I am, the memory made me sad all over again for Violet in that moment.


The fledgling was out of sight for the first few minutes but then appeared on the railing just south of Rosie.

I almost tossed this photo since it isn't in focus but decided to keep it since it shows how far the fledgling was from Rosie:

Both feet off the railing:

The fledgling then dropped down lower and out of sight and didn't appear again during my stay. It became hot and muggy and the kid was probably in nap mode after its big meal so I left.