Washington Square Park fledglings eating, exploring buildings - June 6th, 2014

The two Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawk fledglings are doing great. They are being fed regularly and are exploring the east side buildings more and more. 

They spent a lot of time in the trees yesterday (as observed by a couple of Hawk-watcher friends) but were sticking to the buildings when I visited the park today. 

I got to see the second fledgling out and about for the first time today so that was pretty fun.

The first fledgling I saw was tucked onto an NYU Silver Center window sill:

Bobby brought a pigeon to the top of NYU's Shimkin Hall, a building next door to Bobst Library:

I saw Rosie land next to him right afterward.

A friend saw one of the fledglings tucked onto a top floor window sill of NYU's Goddard Hall earlier this morning. Goddard is the building on the left in the photo above. 

This map shows where Goddard is in relation to the park:

Bobby's landing on Shimkin would have been in sight of the fledgling. The same friend saw Rosie on Shimkin earlier in the morning.

A cheeky devil streaked by:

The astonished and delighted cries of, "Oh my God!" filled the air as he ran. He raised his arms triumphantly every few feet. I overheard one man say something like, "Good luck to the cop that has to grab him!"

I resumed my Hawkery after all the excitement passed.

Bobby, looking down at his fledgling:

Rosie on Shimkin with Bobby's pigeon:

Rosie grabbed the pigeon then flew toward the park and around the corner, headed north in the direction of Silver.

I found Bobby on Silver a minute later. The pigeon's body can be seen on the top of the cornice above him:

Bobby went to the pigeon. Rosie caught up with him:

I then watched as Bobby landed on a window sill across from the fledging on Goddard Hall. He landed, took off, circled around, and returned to Shimkin four times:

Looking at the fledgling?

Bobby visited the nest for a minute:

I then saw Rosie with a pigeon atop NYU's Pless Hall. The particular spot is a regular dinner table for the Hawks. Bobby and Rosie have fed all of their fledglings on that corner over the last few years:

The other fledgling approached Rosie:

Bobby landed on NYU's Education Building, overlooking Rosie and the fledgling:

Cocking its head to look at mom:

She eventually left the pigeon and landed in a tree across from her:

Back with the fledgling:

A pluckful of feathers:

I finally got to see the fledgling that was on Goddard Hall. It was tucked far back and out of sight for the majority of my visit.

It started to eat:

Bobby circled above the Pless Building fledgling a couple of times:

The Goddard fledgling was eating a rat:

One of the parents:

Cable hop #1:

Cable hop #2:

I searched but couldn't see where the fledgling landed.

The Goddard fledgling got frisky:

It then tucked down for a nap: