WSP Hawk babies still more hoppy than fledgy - June 2nd, 2014

I was approaching Washington Square Park from the east and was only a block from the park, walking along West 4th Street, when I happened looked to my right as I approached the intersection of West 4th and Greene Streets and saw Bobby flying toward me along Greene. I stopped in my tracks and watched as he flew silently above me, turned the corner, got onto my street (West 4th), and headed toward the park. Pretty good!

He flew to the buildings facing the eastern side of the park. Rosie had been on the cross all this time. She hopped off the cross and followed him to the east side. They circled above the park for a few seconds before I lost them both.

The two babies were hunkered down and sleeping so I looked for Bobby or Rosie.

I saw Rosie on NYU's Kimmel Center (a building along the southern border of the park) a few minutes later:

I watched and waited for her to fly off for about 50 minutes but missed my shot when I allowed myself to get distracted. Can't get 'em all!

I returned to the nest. One of the two hatchlings got up and started flapping and hopping along the ledge:

The little Hawk wasn't getting as much lift as it did a few days ago. It was more hoppy than fledgy.

The other Hawk got up after a few minutes and started hopping and flapping too.


Running down the length of the ledge:

Attacking a stick:

The jump-flapping went on for about 20 minutes before the two settled down to preen.

I saw Bobby atop One Fifth Avenue as soon as I got out from under the trees:

The kids as seen from across the park while I stood near Bobby's building:

Bobby flew off his perch about 15 minutes later and circled above the east side of the park:

He flew east out of the park, as far as Broadway.

I lost sight of him at the corner of Broadway and Washington Place.