Bobby and Rosie, hither and yon - July 10th, 2014

I got to see Bobby and Rosie over the course of an hour and a half today but didn't see the fledglings anywhere. The two youngsters have been seen atop various buildings the few blocks north of the park over the last week but are becoming more difficult to track. 

Bobby atop One Fifth Avenue:

The view from 5th Avenue:

I slowly made my way up 5th Avenue in search of the fledglings.

I saw one of the adult Red-tailed Hawks fly northeast as I stood at the corner of 10th Street and University Place a little over an hour after I had first arrived at the park: 

I assumed from its flight pattern that it may have been heading to the ConEd tower, one of the Hawks' regular perches north of the park. 

The red "A" marker below shows where I was standing and how it relates to Washington Square Park and the ConEd building (which is in the upper right-hand corner of the map, above the store named "PC Richard & Son"):

I had to walk a block east, to Broadway, before I could see the tower.

The Hawk was there:

I discovered that it was Rosie once I was able to better look at my photos from home.

She got dive-bombed by a Mockingbird and left the perch after 19 minutes:

She hopped off then headed right back toward the park:

I heard her cry several times as she flew overhead. It had been months since I last heard her voice. It was pretty neat to be able to hear her above the traffic din.

The ConEd tower was several minutes' walk away but it only took her a few seconds to fly toward then past me.

This was the best shot I could get unfortunately of her crying out (a combo of bad lighting and bad camera settings I didn't exactly have time to change at the moment):

I headed back toward the park and saw Bobby circling a couple of blocks east of the park but lost him after a minute: