Both Washington Square Park fledglings all relaxed - July 18th, 2014

The Washington Square Park fledglings looked very well today. I was with them for about 2 ½ hours. I may have caught them right after eating because they were quite relaxed and preened and rested the whole time.

I found the first fledgling after I had looked throughout Sasaki Garden (a block south of the park) for them in case they were hunting there as one was last Saturday.

I was on my way out of the garden when I spotted one of the fledglings on a building top one street west:

I sat down and watched it from the peaceful garden for an hour and ten minutes.

I was in the green space between the two long Washington Square Village towers:

He finally stood up and began to move further in on the roof so I got up to get a better view.

The view as I stood on the corner of LaGuardia Place and Bleecker Street:

I was standing across the street from the red "A" below:

A Blue Jay flew to the fledgling and dive-bombed him a few times:

It was clear the fledgling was going to stay put for a while so I left it to go search for the other Hawks.

I found the other fledgling preening atop NYU's Education Building right when I turned the corner of LaGuardia Place and Washington Square South:

I would have liked to have stayed longer but I had to leave the park 25 minutes after spotting the second fledgling.