Both WSP fledglings seen doing well - July 1st, 2014

I had no luck finding any of the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks yesterday but a fellow Hawk-watcher saw both fledglings doing well early this evening. 

One of them flew and dove at the pigeon flock that lives just north of the park.  Both fledglings then wound up on an NYU building at the eastern side of the park, one of them eating a pigeon (which looked alive and flapping). So it's possible that fledgling may have captured the pigeon itself.

I'm looking forward to seeing them hunt and to see if Bobby will teach or has already taught them to hunt primarily for pigeons among the buildings.

Bobby would teach each spring's offspring how to hunt for rats and squirrels in the areas that were fenced off for renovations. However those renovations are complete and the areas are open to the public.

Below is a link to an older post (from the summer of 2011) of Bobby teaching Pip how to hunt in what we'd call "Quantico" or "The hunting grounds":