Red-tailed Hawk and Kestrel kerfuffle - July 30th, 2014

I was in my apartment hallway when I heard the familiar cries of a 'yelling' Kestrel outside. I followed the sound and saw a Kestrel dive-bombing an adult Red-tailed Hawk on a building outside my living room. 

So! Not only do I get the pleasure of seeing a Peregrine Falcon from my apartment, it looks like I just might get to regularly see a Red-tail too! It's pretty fun to have your home surrounded by raptors. I hope it lasts a good long while.

The Hawk was definitely not Rosie or Bobby of Washington Square Park.

It looked an awful lot like Tompkins Square Park's male Christo (which wouldn't be too surprising since I don't live too far from TSP).

I also wouldn't be surprised if it was the same Kestrel and Hawk pair I saw having a tiff on Saturday the 19th.

The kerfuffle lasted three minutes. The Kestrel left first. The Hawk then jumped down and flew southward, scaring up pigeons when it did so.