Resting fledgling and Bobby's flyby - July 31st, 2014

I was approaching the corner of Bleecker and Mercer Streets (a few blocks southeast of Washington Square Park) when I saw an adult Red-tailed Hawk fly into a small, low tree across the street from me. It was being chased by a couple of other birds (they looked like Robins).

I searched for the Hawk for a good 20 minutes in the tree I thought I saw it land in, surrounding trees, and a nearby structure but never found it. Robins were going nuts, giving out their warning cries in high branches above me so I was pretty frustrated to not find the Hawk that was obviously somewhere nearby (per the Robins).

 The red A below shows where this all occurred and how far from the park we were:

I gave up my search and started walking toward the park.

An adult Red-tailed Hawk was soaring above Mercer and West 3rd Streets:

It headed in my direction.

It looked like Bobby but I'm not 100% positive it was him. The photo below was the best shot I could get of the bird:

I lost sight of the Hawk so I kept walking toward the park.

I rounded a corner and was happy to instantly see one of the fledglings high up on NYU's Education Building (overlooking the southeastern corner of the park):

Bobby flew toward us 8 minutes later:

He began to land on Paulette Goddard Hall, an NYU dorm building located below the Education Building:

But Bobby's feet slipped off the stone so he kept flying:

He flew northward:

I was tempted to follow him but I decided to stay with the fledgling to see if it would follow him. It did beg out loud a few times but then quieted down and walked along its perch:


Leg stretch:

It was getting late and I had already been watching the fledgling for an hour so I reluctantly walked away and called it a night.