Sole Washington Square Park fledgling - July 29th, 2014

I hung out with one of the Washington Square Park fledglings this evening for about 50 minutes.

It first perched, preened, and relaxed on NYU's Silver Center:

Happy shake:

He then flew across the street to One University Place (an apartment building outside the northeastern corner of the park):

But he had a ridiculously clumsy landing:

The long feather along the bottom of the left wing convinced me it was the fledgling I have seen most frequently lately:

He circled above the low buildings lining the northern border of the park before disappearing.

I looked for him and the other Hawks but didn't find them.

I looked for my local Peregrine Falcon on my way home but didn't see it either.

But it appeared sitting on its regular perch several minutes after I had arrived home:

I would have spent more time photographing it from my kitchen window but it was family dinner time so I figured I should probably walk away from the Falcon. :)