Neighborhood Kestrel nest - August 15th, 2014

I spotted the Kestrel I've been seeing in my neighborhood lately as he flew across my street when I was walking home yesterday (the 14th). He had been flying from the building I've seen him on outside my kitchen window over the last few weeks. 

It was probably the same Kestrel that was harassing a Red-tail late last month because all of this action has been taking place within a two block radius.

I followed the Kestrel's flight path and spotted him sitting by his nest:

Fuller view of the nest:

I looked for the Kestrels earlier today but did not see any.

There's been regular activity on the Peregrine Falcon's building lately. Sightings have included Crows, Kestrels, and the Peregrine perching and eating up there. I plan on compiling photos of the action in a single post in the near future.