Rosie bringing nesting material to the fire escape - August 14th, 2014

Rosie made it easy for me to find her today. I saw her circling above the street next to her Cable Building fire escape when I was still a couple of blocks away.

She landed in the fire escape four times during my 50 minute visit. She brought a combination of metal and plant material to the site.

She was trying to gather twigs from the roof of the light-colored building a couple of doors beyond the June Kelly Gallery banner:

She didn't snap off any twigs. She flew out of sight but came back with some wire:

She walked toward the base of the water tower then rose up with a sprig for the fire escape:

She circled around and brought the material to the fire escape before I could snap a pic.

I saw her for the last time as she flew behind some buildings to the east.

The supply grows: