Rosie Hawk hanging out south of Washington Square Park - August 12th, 2014

I found Rosie hanging out on her Cable Building fire escape as soon as I rounded the corner today:

Andy kept me company:

Rosie flew off her perch after 12 minutes, descending quickly to some trees a half block across from her.

It took me four minutes to find her:

She was in a tree by the Google Maps section below marked as "Washington Square Village". Note The Cable Building at the lower right-hand side of the screen shot:

The following two Google Street Map shots show the cluster of trees she landed in (just opposite the track). The Cable Building roof and its top floor fire escape is on the left:

Rosie was in one of these trees:

She watched a couple of pigeons that landed on a lawn across from her but she spared them.

She flew to a new tree 27 minutes after I had found her in this cluster of trees:

She spied her intended prey, a squirrel in its nest:

She landed on top of the nest and tried to grab the squirrel but it escaped her by running around to the other side of the tree:

She circled above and flew further and further west:

She circled above the corner of Bleecker and LaGuardia Place for a couple of minutes:

I lost sight of her when she reached 6th Avenue (a few blocks further west).

I searched for her and Bobby in Washington Square Park in case they made their way over there but didn't find them. 

I was surprised to see the London Planes already beginning to yellow: