Bobby and Rosie at WSP and the fire escape - September 7th, 2014

Rosie and Bobby were seen first at Washington Square Park this morning by a fellow Hawk-watcher. One or the other spent a little time on the Judson Memorial Church cross, NYU's Silver Center building, Rosie visited the Bobst Library nest, and then they both headed toward the Cable Building fire escape.

I caught up with my friend and the Hawks several minutes later. I got to see Bobby on the fire escape railing just before he took off and circled above the building:

I noticed Rosie on the building next to the Cable Building:

She watched Bobby fly around:

Bobby joined her a few seconds later: 


They then both took off and headed south and out of sight.

The state of the material on the fire escape: 

They both reappeared, circling the sky a block south of the fire escape 14 minutes later. I only managed to photograph one of the Hawks at a time but they circled close together during a few turns.

One of the Hawks flying over the building where Rosie gathered nesting material on August 14th:

They then disappeared for good a couple of blocks south of the Cable Building. My friend and I waited a bit for their return and looked for them in Washington Square Park for a few minutes but knew deep down they were out and about on their own adventure elsewhere so we departed.