No Hawks but Fall bird migration brings nice sights - September 22nd, 2014

Today was the third day in a week I've been out birding to search for the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks.

I did see one of them for a few seconds on Wednesday, September 17th as it flew overhead when I was approaching the Mercer Street/Cable Building fire escape but I didn't have my camera ready so I missed getting any shots of it which was a drag. It flew past the fire escape and down toward the park. I looked all around for it but never got to see it again. And I couldn't tell which Hawk it was unfortunately.

It has been a week since I last saw Rosie and two weeks and a day since I've seen Bobby. I've come to find that this is a pattern with them each mid-September. I'd go over a week without seeing either of the Red-tails and then they'd show up and stick around on a more regular basis.

I got to see two fall bird migrants today which was nice. I saw a female American Redstart for a few seconds then a female Common Yellowthroat.

Female Common Yellowthroat Warbler flitting about some brush:

Young Starling and House Finch eating among apples at the LaGuardia Corner Gardens (two blocks south of Washington Square Park):