Replenished fire escape material - September 26th, 2014

I didn't see the Washington Square Park Hawks Rosie or Bobby today but I did notice that the material on the Cable Building fire escape had been a bit replenished:

The level below had some material that may have fallen onto it.

A worker's glove that had been there for the last couple of weeks was still wedged in place:

There was a dead pigeon on one of the northern Washington Square Park lawns:

It looked a bit roughed up, making me wonder if perhaps one of the Hawks had had it in their talons first and dropped it. 

The presence of green bottle flies showed that the pigeon had been there for only a couple of hours at the most, as that kind of fly arrives almost immediately upon a body.

I returned to LaGuardia Corner Gardens to see what birds might be there today.

I only saw Sparrows and Starlings though, no migrants (unlike during my last visit).

The view of the top of One Fifth Avenue and Bobst Library from the garden: