Bobby yells after a juvenile during my six-raptor outing - October 12th, 2014

I was delighted to see Bobby today atop the northeast corner of One Fifth Avenue today:

I watched him for ten minutes before he stirred and began to 'yell':

I looked all around, hoping he was calling out to Rosie (I haven't seen her since September 15th).

He was screaming after a juvenile that was circling much higher above:

The juvenile flew north while Bobby flew southeast.

I found Bobby on the Judson Memorial Church cross 40 minutes later:

A Kestrel swooped next to Bobby at one point but did not dive-bomb him.

I had to leave Bobby after half an hour when a friend picked me up.

We heard a Peregrine Falcon yelling at another bird when we were a block south of the park.

When we got closer we saw that a Cooper's Hawk was the target:

We watched it for 6 minutes then headed east.

20 minutes later I spotted who I was quite sure was Dora, the Tompkins Square Park Red-tailed Hawk mother:

She was perched on a building along East 2nd Street between 1st Avenue and Avenue A.

Hers was the tallest building in the Google Maps screen shot below:

She headed northeast (in the direction of Tompkins Square Park) after 6 minutes:

It was a raptor-filled outing. I got to see two adult Red-tailed Hawks, a juvenile Red-tail, a Kestrel, a Peregrine Falcon, and a Cooper's Hawk.