Dora chasing pigeons - October 6th, 2014

I didn't see either of the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks during my outing today but I did spot Dora, Tompkins Square Park's mom, circling a block west of her park.

She was a bitty speck in the sky at first:

She was circling above 1st Avenue and 7th & 6th Streets. 1st Avenue is the large avenue running on a diagonal to the left of the tall apartment buildings in the screen shot below.

The southwest corner of Tompkins Square Park can be seen in the upper right-hand corner:

For kicks, I took a screen shot of Washington Square Park and Tompkins Square Park in order to show where they are located in relation to the rivers that run alongside Manhattan.

The red "A" below marks where Tompkins Square Park is. Washington Square Park is across the island to the left (where it reads "Washington Square Arch").

The Hudson River is on the left, the East River on the right.

Dora was chasing pigeons that were perched along 1st Avenue:

Feather stuck on a talon:

I watched her for 15 minutes. I lost her when she tucked into a dive behind the tallest apartment buildings. It was a treat to see her so unexpectedly today!