Dora & Christo, Bobby & a juvenile - October 24th, 2014

I saw Dora, the Tompkins Square Park Red-tailed Hawk mom, circling above the street during a walk this morning:

She joined her mate Christo who was sitting on the heat vent of a building a few blocks north:

The constant wave of heat made the plastic shopping bags and other bits tumble and swirl in the air.

Their building was on 1st Avenue between 3rd & 4th Streets. Here's a Google Street View of the building (seen if facing east):

Dora dropped down to the top of one of the water towers for a few seconds then took off and flew north.

Christo stayed behind:

I saw Dora go as far north as 1st Avenue between 17th and 18th Streets. She was circling around that area, scaring up a pigeon flock.


I then went to Washington Square Park after an appointment. I saw a Red-tailed Hawk circling above the eastern border of the park. I lost sight of it for a few minutes.

I heard the sound of a Hawk calling from high above. I turned around to see Bobby and a second Hawk circling above the park square. I was hoping it was Bobby and Rosie but it happened to be Bobby screaming after a juvenile.


They circled pretty close together at one point:

Bobby on the left:

They flew northeast after about three minutes, one following the other.

They flew so high up and so far north, I thought they might have headed to Union Square Park so I looked for them there.

I looked for them for about a half hour (without success) before returning to Washington Square Park. 

I spotted a Hawk flying above the northern border of WSP. It was the juvenile:

Bobby reappeared as well:

Bobby circling around One Fifth:

He and the juvenile flew far northeast again after almost ten minutes.

It was time for me to end my birding for the day.

I checked the Cable Building fire escape site to see what state it was in since we had had lots of rain and wind the last two days. There wasn't much material left on it anymore: