Warblerville in Washington Square Park - October 10th, 2014

I saw several Common Yellowthroat and Palm Warblers during my visit to Washington Square Park today. Fall migration is still in full swing!

There was a dead pigeon on a southwestern corner lawn:

The bright yellow of a Common Yellowthroat Warbler flashed past me and into some brush when I was birding by the park arch:

I moved on to search for the Hawks. I was surprised to find myself next to so many Warblers that chose to forage on the open lawn rather than in the safety of the brush.

Palm Warbler:

It caught and ate a few flies:

A dead squirrel lay among plants several feet northeast of the Palm Warbler.

There didn't appear to be any trauma to the body so I didn't necessarily assume that it was killed by one of the Red-tailed Hawks.

Palm Warbler continuing to eat:

Common Yellowthroat Warbler:

This Warbler hopped straight toward me as I sat on the lawn. It foraged from time to time then hopped past and behind me. At one point it was no more than a foot away from me. I kept still so I wouldn't startle it. Being so close to it made me appreciate just how tiny these birds are.

This Palm Warbler hopped close to me too but didn't get as close as the Yellowthroat.

This female Dark-eyed Junco mostly foraged in the brush. She caught a fly the one time I saw her on the lawn:

I was in the park for nearly two hours but didn't see Bobby or Rosie in or around the park.