Bobby on Broadway then chasing a juvenile - November 3rd, 2014

I first spotted Bobby circling above 4th Street, just east of Bobst Library. He made his way east as he circled overhead, scaring up pigeons during his flight. I was heading to Washington Square Park via 4th Street from the east (on a route I almost never take) so it was pretty lucky timing for me to meet up with him there.

He landed on a corner of a building overlooking Broadway and 4th Street:

He faced east at first (overlooking Broadway and beyond). He relaxed and preened:

Here is where his building was in relation to the park (his was the building right below the red "A"). The southeast corner of the park is in the upper left-hand part of the screen shot:

I had seen and photographed him and Rosie on the 4th Street side of that building (same level) a few months ago but so far I haven't been able to locate that post.

He left his perch after an hour and a half. 

I was really glad he finally did too because I was starting to freeze while standing around watching him.

He circled above Broadway then zipped toward the park.

I found him on the southwest corner of One Fifth Avenue 4 minutes later:

He stayed on his perch for a half hour.

He then flew north then back toward the park, following and circling with a juvenile Red-tail (Bobby on the left):

He chased it in the sky for about 5 minutes.



I can't say for certain if it was the same juvenile I saw in the park on October 28th because I never got to get a good photo of that last juvie's wing patterns.

Bobby returned to One Fifth Avenue but this time on the northeast corner:

He left after 14 minutes, flying in the same exact direction he did when I saw him on October 31st. The funny thing is that he was on that perch almost the same exact length of time that day and today.

He really gave me the slip. I looked for him, very careful to survey as many buildings and streets as I could, for several minutes before I had to leave.