Bobby's rat catch and bedtime. Still no Rosie - November 21st, 2014

I saw Bobby for an hour today as he performed his regular evening routine as of late. He landed on the cross until the sun went down, hunted among the Washington Square Park trees, caught and ate a park rat, then tucked in at the Red Roost Inn.

A couple of people told me they were pretty sure they had seen both Bobby and Rosie circling over the park last weekend but I haven't seen any sign of her. "Yet", I hope. There have been Cooper's Hawks and juvenile Red-tailed Hawks (that Bobby has circled with briefly before chasing them off) visiting the park often this fall so the pessimistic side of me wondered if perhaps another raptor had been seen instead of Rosie. I suppose it's a case of me not being able to rest until I lay my own eyes on her.

The last time I saw Rosie was on September 15th (but of course I'm not saying that was the last time she was in the park). I've expanded my search grounds for her on the chance that she's exploring nearby but no luck elsewhere either.

Since I haven't seen a new female Hawk in the park and palling around with Bobby, I've been hoping there's still the chance that Rosie is coming back or is back and I just haven't seen her yet.


I first spotted Bobby on one of his favorite perches on NYU's Silver Center: