Bobby hopscotches to the evening roost - December 11th, 2014

A fellow Hawk-watcher observed one of the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks (presumably Bobby) flying about on familiar perches and roosting at the regular evening roost the last few days when I could not go birding.

I got to the park today just in time to see Bobby silently flap out of the trees and toward the Red Roost Inn building. But instead of going straight to the roost he hooked a left and flew around the corner of the building. I scanned the rooftops and trees around the roost but didn't find out where he went.

There were plenty of rats searching for peanuts under the tree where two women regularly feed the squirrels. Regularly as in almost every single night:

One of the women still leaves plastic tubs under the trees and refills them with water during the feedings. 

The park maintenance crew does not remove the tubs and as I've noted in the past, the rats regularly drink from the tubs as well as the squirrels.

Photo from September, 2013


Bobby appeared at the evening roost several minutes later: