Bobby's long perch before chasing a Juvenile - December 16th, 2014

Bobby perched on the same branch for at least 3 ½ hours today. A few of us Hawkers watched him for about an hour and a half, had lunch, then returned to find him on the same branch as before. 

He stayed on his branch for another hour and 45 minutes before he saw a Juvenile Red-tail, screamed at it a few times, then chased after it.

He had a full crop so it looked like he had just eaten and was relaxing while he digested his meal. It was probably one of the longest stretches of time I've ever seen him spend on one perch.

The sun started to come out when we returned from lunch:

Bobby flew north out of the park to chase the juvenile.

He returned two minutes later:

He spent three minutes on the cross before then flying to the other side of the park to chase the juvenile again.

The young one flew past Bobst Library and southward out of sight:

Bobby had landed on a lower Silver Center railing:

He walked back and forth along the railing a few times before settling on a north-facing section:

We were cold and tired and had to tear ourselves away from Bobby but I did hear later that he had hopscotched around various perches right before roosting time. 

He landed at the Red Roost Inn for a little while before leaving it to find a roost somewhere else for the evening.