Christmas Kestrel & chubby squirrels - December 25th, 2014

I missed seeing a Hawk in Washington Square Park by 15 minutes today. A nice man (a regular) told me he saw a Red-tailed Hawk in the western trees mere minutes before I had arrived at the park.

I looked for it but didn't find the Hawk. I was underdressed thanks to my misguided thinking that the 52 degree temperature reading would be a warm 52 and not the windy and raw 52 that it really was. I got too cold to look for more than an hour before I had to return home.

However I did see a couple of cute and chubby squirrels on my way out of the park:

Of course, pretty much every squirrel in the park is chubby!

I saw one of the regular Kestrels in my neighborhood when I was a couple of blocks from home:

Kestrel sitting on top of a New York City water tower