Springtime Central Park birding pics from April 28th, 2014

We're in the middle of a rainy streak in New York City so there isn't much Hawk-watching to do for another day or so. But a fellow Hawk-watcher who lives near Washington Square Park has seen Bobby out and about and Rosie either warming the babes or sitting at the edge of the nest the last couple of days so all is well with them.

A friend and I, knowing we were due for a few days of rain, took our chance to visit Central Park our last sunny day to see how Spring migration was going.

Without even intending to, we soon wound up at Pale Male's nest.

We had good timing because he appeared soaring in the sky before we could reach the best place to view his nest from. He was toting food for his new hatchlings. He and Octavia have two babes this Spring.

 Octavia feeding one of the kids:

We headed deeper into the park after a few minutes.

A Sparrow was hanging out by a nest:

We visited the bird feeders in the area known as Evodia Field in the Ramble.

American Goldfinches having lunch:

Red-winged Blackbird:

Red House Finch with a Goldfinch:

We moved on. All of a sudden there was a flurry of birds flying low through the trees from west to east, crying out madly. They were essentially saying, "Look out!!"

A Cooper's Hawk was soaring right above the trees:

The birds all around then fell silent. We saw the Hawk follow a sizeable bird (perhaps a Grackle) for a little while.

Splashy Starling:

There were lots of Black-and-White Warblers:

And Yellow-rumped Warblers:

Nice whiskers:

I liked the underside pattern of this Black-and-White Warbler:


Yellow-rumped after a bath:

I didn't notice it at the time but this Yellow-rumped Warbler had fishing line caught on it. We were by the Loeb Boathouse/Central Park Lake when I took this photo, where fishing is allowed:

Yellow Warbler:

A Yellow-rumped Warbler skedaddling:

Palm Warbler:

Peeking at me while foraging on the ground:

Grackle jumping off a rock to take a bath:

Ruby-crowned Kinglet:

Lovin' the 'whiskers':

Back at the bird feeder station.

Downy Woodpecker:

It had to do some gymnastics in order to right itself into a proper eating position:

Cardinal enjoying a seed:

Red House Finch and American Goldfinch:

Robin in her nest:

Double-crested Cormorant at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir:

A few Common Grackles would fly in and drink water at the edge of the reservoir:

The last bird we saw when leaving the park was a Red-tailed Hawk soaring in low circles above a building at 86th Street and Central Park West. I had already put my camera away at that point so I didn't get a shot of the bird but it was a nice and fitting cap to our day.

Rosie out briefly to fortify the nest - April 26th, 2014

A fellow Hawk-watcher had seen Bobby circling above the northern border of Washington Square Park a few minutes before I arrived this morning. Bobby looked as though he was hunting the pigeon flock that hangs out there. He flew west out of the park and was gone by the time I got there but that was OK because I got to enjoy seeing Rosie up and about for just under an hour.

She stood up to take a break from warming her hatchlings. 

Happy shake:

She landed on an NYU building undergoing some minor renovations. This particular building is diagonally across from the nest (northeast).

She was fighting with something at the edge of the roof so we thought she might have pounced on a pigeon she had spied from the nest but no, she was instead tearing at some of the construction plastic!

Regaining her balance:

The two ends of the plastic wafted in the breeze like flapping, struggling pigeon wings so we were still at this point thinking she was subduing a pigeon.

She gathered the plastic in her beak and brought it right back to the nest:

Some rain water was in the gutter. Droplets could be seen falling off of her as she rose:

She quickly incorporated the plastic into the nest before settling down on her babes again: