Both WSP fledglings roosting together - June 26th, 2014

I could not visit Washington Square Park today but a fellow Hawk-watcher who did saw all four resident Red-tailed Hawks doing well. 

A special treat was the sight of both fledglings perched about six feet away from each other on a building top railing, all tucked in for the evening. 

It's nice to know that the rescued/returned fledgling quickly became part of the family again and is palling around so closely with his sibling. 

Each year's WSP Hawk broods with multiple babies shared that characteristic; the 'kids' would play, fly, perch, and hunt together during their stay in the park before leaving for good in the late summer.

So far it looks like this behavioral pattern will continue with this year's fledglings.

Second Tompkins Square Park baby fledged Tuesday the 24th

I'm a little slow in keeping up with my TSP fledge reports, sorry! 

But all seems well in Tompkins Square Park as the second of the three babes fledged yesterday. 

The first TSP fledgling (from Monday) is being called Shaft on account of his having to get rescued from an air shaft his first day off the nest!

Here's a fine report on the second TSP fledge and new pics of Shaft:

Both WSP fledglings having a preen - June 24th, 2014

Well, it took 6 visits (over the course of 13 days) but I finally got to see both Washington Square Park fledglings at the same time today. The last time I saw them both was on June 11th.

I saw the first one on a building top on Mercer Street between Waverly Place and Washington Place:

Google Street Map-wise, he was sitting where the "Josie Woods Pub" martini glass appears on the right in this picture (the greenery of the park on the far left):

As an aside, the street name labels are off a bit in the Google Street Map grid and don't appear exactly where they ought to.

The sight was an especially welcome one because I had been looking for the fledglings for two hours already and had just about given up my search when I spotted the bird. 

I had to blame myself for the bad timing I had during the earlier part of my visit because I had arrived during what some of us call "the witching hour", the time when the adult Hawks typically leave the park grounds and when the fledglings usually rest/nap.

I saw the second fledgling rise up to a nearby water tower 15 minutes after I spotted the first one:

The second fledgling was on the water tower by the low Waverly Pl & Mercer St intersection label (and diagonally below the first fledgling's perch):

It was Dell (as I discovered later when I got to see his tail feathers) I had another look at my pictures after I had already published this post and noticed that the other fledgling also looks like it has a gap in its tail feathers so there was no way to definitively identify which fledgling was which at the time.

There was a construction worker moving about on the roof below the water tower but I don't think he saw the Hawk.

His sibling, having a preen:

I watched both preen peacefully for almost half an hour.

About to get liftoff:

The wind gusts increased. The breeze gave the water tower fledgling good lift as he jumped off his perch and flew northward.

Sibling clearing his throat: 

Bobby passed overhead a minute later, flying southeast: 


A street-level view of the scene:

The fledgling was sitting on the roof of the corner building with the gray and black columns. One would never notice the fledgling if they were just going about their business.

I had to leave for the day but took a parting shot when I was a block south:

In other Hawk news, the first Tompkins Square Park fledge was yesterday, an event full of action and also assistance from 'Ranger Rob'!

A fledgling in a flower pot - June 21st, 2014

I watched the Washington Square Park Hawks for about 2 ½ hours today. I got to see Rosie, Bobby, and one of the fledglings. 

The first Hawk I saw was Bobby, being dive-bombed by a Mockingbird (as usual!):

At one point Rosie and Bobby flew high above the park together. They followed each other in the sky for a couple of minutes (which was actually quite a while ).

Rosie higher up:

A fellow Hawk-watcher spotted one of the fledglings on a One University Place terrace railing. The apartment building is outside the northeast corner of the park. The fledgling cried for a few seconds right after Rosie and Bobby flew overhead:

It was Dell, as evidenced by the gaps in his tail and wing feathers:

Eyeing a House Finch: 

He flew about along the railing and wound up in a flower pot:

We watched as he'd pick at some of the flowers and stems.

A righteous dude was having a smoke on a neighboring terrace:

He didn't notice the fledgling at first (who is in the flower pot on the right in the photo below):

But he did wind up spotting the bird and had his lady friend who was inside come over to have a look too:

The fledgling took to exploring the terraces again:

He then made a great flight to a new building a couple of blocks away:

I saw Rosie was with the fledgling by the time I spotted him on his new perch.


Rosie left after a little while, heading to the park.

The fledgling hopped down and out of sight. We looked for him from different vantage points but didn't see him again. However Rosie did return and made a few circular flights above him before she flew southward.

He was tucked somewhere below the roof rim:

There are so many good 'tuck-away spots' around, it is no wonder I and my fellow Hawk-watching buddies can go a day or two without spotting the fledglings!