Bobby & a juvenile Cooper's Hawk - January 4th, 2015

It was raining and snowing yesterday and rained a bit today. I had heard from a friend that a Red-tailed Hawk and another Hawk were hanging out in Washington Square Park this morning so I headed over as soon as there was a break in the weather.

Bobby appeared on a flag pole seconds after I had last checked it, pretty nice timing!

He was off within a minute. He flew north then west along the outskirts of the park:

Heading back east:

He sat on the purple flag's pole for 4 minutes before disappearing further east:

A juvenile Cooper's Hawk chased some of the pigeons and landed in an eastern park tree 12 minutes later:

Close-up of a Cooper's Hawk in a park tree

A fellow Hawk-watcher and I watched the little guy for about half an hour yet kept our eyes out for Bobby's return.

We left the Cooper's Hawk but watched it from a distance:

It eventually flew above the eastern trees before zipping down into another tree. It was getting dark so we decided not to look for it again but to continue looking for Bobby.

We waited to see if Bobby would go to his regular evening roost but he never showed up.