Bobby sightings, a juvie, and a few minutes with a TSP Hawk - January 2nd, 2015

I haven't visited Washington Square Park since December 29th but Bobby has been seen doing well since then (as recently as today). 

A juvenile Red-tail was bopping around Union Square Park (several blocks northeast of Washington Square Park) earlier today. It was chasing after squirrels from tree to tree per a faithful Hawk-watcher who shared the sighting details with me.

We hadn't planned on it but a friend and I wound up in Tompkins Square Park early this afternoon and watched one of the adult Red-tailed Hawks circle around then perch in the eastern side of the park.

I only had my simple point-and-shoot camera on me at the time so I couldn't take nice photos of the Hawk but I got to collect some footage of it.

I had posted a lower-quality version of this video earlier but this version should include the HD-viewing option: