Bobby's relaxation before bedtime - January 21st, 2015

I spotted Bobby on one of his favorite building perches as soon as I rounded the corner a few blocks from the park.

The Bobst Library is on the left, then the Judson Memorial Church tower, then Bobby atop his building:

He flew off his perch after 15 minutes, heading southwest toward 6th Avenue. I looked along 6th for him but didn't find him so I returned to the park.

We were treated to a lovely sunset that glowed on 5th Avenue.

View of 5th through the park arch:

Sometimes I forget just how much traffic rolls down 5th Avenue toward the park: 

I was talking with a fellow Hawk-watcher when I saw Bobby's huge shape glide along the western trees and come to a stop at the Hangman's Elm at the northwestern corner of the park:

He had been gone for almost a full hour.

A squirrel challenged him at one point but Bobby wasn't tolerating it:

He then flew to bed after having perched in the tree for a little less than an hour: