Washington Square Park Hawks mate, Bobby twigs for nest material - February 28th, 2015

I visited Washington Square Park for only 19 minutes between errands today but got to see some excellent Hawk action during my brief stay.

Bobby flew into the nest a couple of times.

He flew to the trees across from me and tried to pry off some twigs for nesting material:


He didn't manage to snap any twigs off though.

He left the trees and circled above the southeastern corner of the park before drifting down to Sadie to mate with her:

They perched together for a few minutes before he flew southward.

Bobby visits the nest, Sadie soars about - February 27th, 2015

Today was quite cold but I spent two hours in Washington Square Park to enjoy one of the last truly cold days for this winter. 

Bobby and Sadie were around the entire time I was in the park but they didn't do much outside of perching and soaring. The most 'exciting' action was Bobby visiting the nest a couple of times.

Below are some of my visit's highlights. 

Bobby on Two Fifth Avenue:

And then Bobby on One Fifth Avenue:

Sparrows were enjoying the sun and were sharing a sing:

One of them was sleepy but still sang while its head was tucked under its feathers: 

Awake and stretching:


Sadie a few minutes later:

Bobby again:


Bobby stepping off the cross:

He and Sadie then flew far eastward together. I was a bit relieved too because their departure gave me 'permission' to leave for the day.

Sadie soars about, Bobby perches in the sun - February 25th, 2015

Sadie soared for almost an hour with only a few perch breaks. She seemed to be having quite a nice time flying all around the park:

Bobby was perched on another side of the building top (his back and tail feathers can be seen in the lower right-hand corner of the photo below):

She stayed on the top of One Fifth Avenue for only a few seconds:


Sadie flying toward the Bobst Library nest:

She flew past the nest and continued soaring and flying above the park:

She flew into a flock of pigeons a few times but she didn't really hunt them:

Squirrel and rat food aplenty:


Sadie flying above 5th Avenue and 10th Street, heading toward the park:

I watched the Hawks for a little over an hour and a half before having to go on my own way.