Bobby feeds his new lady a pigeon - February 22nd, 2015

I saw one of the Tompkins Square Park Red-tailed Hawks on one of its regular building perches at East 4th Street and 1st Avenue when I was on my way to Washington Square Park:

A Washington Square Park squirrel was drinking melting snow that was running down the bark in rivulets:

Park reflection in its eye:

Sadie was the first Hawk I spotted. She flew past me, circled in high circles above the eastern side of the park and flew past Bobst Library:

I spun around to see Bobby on the NYU Education Building flag pole:

He and Sadie then flew above the northeastern part of the park for a minute before heading back toward the Education Building.

Sadie flew toward the back of the Education Building:

Bobby followed her, toting a pigeon: 

He did so at 12:58PM, an excellent time for lunch.

Sadie joined Bobby after several seconds:

Bobby laid the pigeon down and left it for Sadie to eat (he's such a good wooer and provider!):

He perched on the purple NYU flag's pole and kept a watch on her.

Bobby left his flag pole and flew behind the library 3 minutes later:

The pigeon fell behind the dish. Sadie hopped up and circled around the back of the building:

She managed to scoop up the pigeon and bring it to another set of Education Building dishes. She had eaten atop the original dish for 23 minutes.

Bobby flew to the back of the Education Building a minute after she had dropped her pigeon:

He continued his flight and headed toward Silver Center again then continued flying north:


Scratching and preening after lunch:

Her meals lasted 35 minutes.

She then flew west and circled around the southwestern corner of the park with Bobby:

It was time for me to leave and run errands with my better half anyway.

A juvenile Red-tailed Hawk was flying over our apartment building when we were heading home an hour later which was awfully nice: