[Updated with photos] Bobby's duels at dusk - February 10th, 2015

Bobby was in fine form late this afternoon as he hunted pigeons, dealt with a dive-bombing Peregrine, and chased a Cooper's Hawk out of Washington Square Park.

He caught and ate two rodents before retiring for the evening.

I had evening plans after my Hawk-watching and it is late as I type this report so I will post photos I took of all this action tomorrow! :)


I saw Dora and Christo of Tompkins Square Park seated together on a regular perch of theirs at 1st Avenue and 3rd Street:

Bobby landed on NYU's Silver Center several minutes after I had arrived at Washington Square Park:

He landed on the cross then flew off and chased after pigeons just north of the park. He dove at a couple but didn't catch any.

He hunted the flock of pigeons that live at 3rd Street (one block behind Bobst Library):

A Peregrine Falcon dive-bombed him several times and chased him back to the southeastern corner of the park.

Bobby flew from 3rd Street to Silver then back again four times before giving up.

He then hunted for rats at his usual spot.

He caught a second rat and ate it in a southern tree:

Rats came out of their burrows to eat the freshly-dropped peanuts left for the squirrels:

A Cooper's Hawk entered the trees:

Bobby watched it for a few seconds before screaming at it.

He then took off like a bullet and chased after it:

They both circled in the sky above the park then flew south, Bobby still in chase mode. He landed on the cross right when I had to leave:

He disappeared in a flash of an eye. I saw him again when I was a couple of blocks away from the park. He was heading toward the park, flying right along the street.