Camera-less visit with Bobby - February 7th, 2015

I was running errands a few blocks from Washington Square Park today without my camera and had no plans to visit the park but I wound up there anyway.

Bobby flew eastward from the park and landed on an NYU building across the street from me when I was a block from the park. He perched on his building until the sun's rays sank behind the skyline. 

He then moved on and hopscotched among two building tops in the vicinity. He landed right next to a stashed pigeon at his last building. He plucked the bird and ate for about 20 minutes before he flew to a mystery roost for the evening.

I couldn't see where he landed but I think I know what building he roosted at. I'll have to see if I can photograph him descending to that roost in the future. The roost itself may not be visible from the street however.

It was strange to not be able to photograph him and I was missing my camera. But the experience was quite enjoyable once I got used to watching him for watching's sake. 

I'm so used to the sound of the loud clicks of my camera shutter when he flies and lands so it was pretty astonishing to observe him in total silence.