Snow Hawks - February 21st, 2015

It warmed up a bit today so I headed to Washington Square Park as soon as I could.

A fellow Hawk-watcher saw both Hawks in the nest bowl together earlier in the morning.

I was two blocks from the park when it started to snow.

I saw one of the Hawks sitting on a regular hunting perch on 3rd Street, behind the Bobst Library:

The other Hawk was seated around the corner, on NYU's Silver Center building (which overlooks the eastern side of the park):

The bird that had been on 3rd Street flew to and over the second Hawk:

I wasn't 100% sure which Hawk was which.

The second Hawk followed the other northeast from the park.

The snow was coming down heavily at that point so I had to leave but it was good to see the pair even though it was for 6 minutes.

Snowy whiteout in the distance: