Bobby hunts the outskirts of the park, Sadie stays on the eggs - March 27th, 2015

I was in Washington Square Park for about 2 ½ hours today but didn't see much Hawk action since Bobby hunted along the outskirts of the park and Sadie stayed put in the nest. But really, it was an ideal visit in that they were carrying on normally and were safe and sound and doing well.

A woman feeding squirrels attracted many pigeons too, including the white beauty I first saw on the 21st.

Bobby flew over the park square and to a regular building at the northwest corner of the park: 

He leapt off the perch after 4 minutes:

He flew to NYU's Silver Center later:

He has an excellent view of the nest from Silver:

Circling above the eastern corner of the park:

Sadie got up and rolled the eggs a bit:

Bobby continuing to fly high in the sky:

There were 4 helicopters hovering over or close to the park for most of my visit.

It seemed they were around mostly because of yesterday's horrible building explosion and fire.

Bobby eventually disappeared when he traveled northeast so I took the opportunity to leave for the day.