Bobby & Sadie together, Dora's surprise visit - March 16th, 2015

I was en route to Washington Square Park when Dora, Tompkins Square Park's female, flew in my direction and landed on the building in front of me. I couldn't believe it!

I'd seen Christo in that neck of the woods of the Lower East Side before so it was a treat to see Dora so up close and personal. She was glancing over the trees at the bit of Sara D. Roosevelt Park at Chrystie Street between Houston and Stanton Streets.

She flew up and away after a few minutes:

She circled above Chrystie Street then flew further south to Bowery and then flew over to her regular First Avenue and 3rd Street building perch.

I didn't notice it earlier but a Kestrel was seated on a water tower ladder near her:

It took a while but I finally got to see both Sadie and Bobby together again. They'd been seen together every day by another Hawk-watcher so I knew all was well.

Sadie had her legs down as she soared over the eastern side of the park:

She flew toward Broadway while Bobby flew into the nest:

Bobby and Sadie went to different perches over the next hour and a half.

Below are pics of my favorite perches and activities:

Bobby zooming to the nest again:

Bobby flying to the Judson Memorial Cross later:

Sadie on a southwestern corner building, well in view of Bobby:

Bobby flew right to her after a few minutes:

They relaxed together for several minutes before I had to leave for the night.

Bobby on the left, Sadie on the right:

A fellow Hawk-watcher saw them both together on a southeastern building then flying to the Bobst Library roof after sunset.