Nest switch, egg(s) confirmed - March 20th, 2015

It's a winter wonderland again in NYC with a few inches of snow accumulated now.

I arrived in Washington Square Park shortly after it had started to snow and got caught in heavy snowfall during my visit.

But it was a delightful visit because I got to see Bobby and Sadie have a nest switch, thus confirming that there is at least one egg in the nest.

Bobby flew in with a twig for nest fortification:

Sadie stayed in place in the nest bowl while helping Bobby incorporate the twig into the nest for several seconds. 

She then fully got up:

She flew off for a break after a minute:

Bobby then moved to the nest bowl and settled into it:

I looked for Sadie but only for a little while because it was so snowy and windy and becoming more uncomfortable. 

I just had to come out and visit the Hawks though to see if they might display behavior that would help confirm there were eggs in the nest and I left pretty satisfied that they had.