(Updated with pics) There may be an egg in the nest - March 19th, 2015

Judging by Bobby and Sadie's behavior when I was in Washington Square Park today, there may be an egg in their nest now. 

A fellow Hawk-watcher saw Sadie in the nest for a bit this morning and then both of them flying around the park at 12:30. I was in the park from 3:30PM - 5:30PM today and did not see Sadie leave the nest bowl in all that time.

Bobby was quite active hunting for food and eventually brought what looked like a pigeon meal to her as she sat in the nest bowl. He then left her to perch nearby while she peeked out from her spot in the nest.  

If Sadie has not laid an egg, she surely will soon. I looked in a spreadsheet I created with the Hawks' egg-laying history and saw that in 2011 Violet began laying eggs on March 23rd, in 2012 Rosie began laying eggs on March 6th, in 2013 on March 7th, and in 2014 around March 14th (actual date unknown).

I'll post photos later on tonight but wanted to share this information in the meantime.


I first saw Bobby when he was circling above Broadway (three blocks east of the park).

He eventually made his way back to the park where he hunted pigeons north of the square. He also hunted at a regular spot a block south of the park.

I took photos of the nest but couldn't make out what the rounded hump in the center of the nest was. I was having a hard time discerning whether the shape was a thick stick or Sadie deep down in the nest bowl.

It wasn't until later when I figured out it was Sadie all along.

Bobby was successful at hunting and brought his catch to the park. 

He circled above the park square several times (across from the nest) with the food as though to show Sadie his gift:

He tucked into a dive and zoomed into the nest window with the food.

He left the meal for her then headed westward.

Sadie perked up and peeked out of the nest.

She remained in the nest bowl (incubating an egg or two?):

Bobby during his flight westward:

I had followed Bobby around the park for two hours. I left him when he was sunbathing on a building at the southwestern corner of the park.