Bobby suns on a tower, Sadie incubates - April 6th, 2015

It was a quiet affair visiting Washington Square Park's Red-tailed Hawk nest today.

The temperature was in the high 50s when I was in the park and there were lots of people out enjoying the warmth and sun. 

Sadie's head could barely be seen poking up over the nest bowl:

A park snap trap was lying open:

I wasn't finding Bobby near the park so I walked toward the ConEd tower to see if he was there as he had been during my recent outings.

He was there!

Grace Church's spire in the foreground: 

Looking toward Washington Square Park:

He stood on the tippy-top while sunning and looking over southern Manhattan:

He turned and hopped down to the other side of the tower after half an hour:

He was then facing Union Square Park.

I was getting tired and achy just standing around wondering when and where he'd fly next. I wanted to leave for the day but my curiosity got the better of me so I walked toward Union Square Park to get closer to him. I wanted to be there in case he dove toward that park for food.

I watched him from the eastern side of Union Square Park.

Here is a Google Maps view of Union Square (the park itself is marked with the red "A") in relation to Washington Square Park (seen on the lower left):

And here is a view of the ConEd tower in relation to the park (Zeckendorf Towers apartment and retail complex between them):

He looked over the park for another 40 minutes before diving off:

He was heading southeast like he did on April 2nd but this time I didn't get to see where he landed. I left for good after a few minutes of searching for him.