Mermaid stuck in a tree - April 21st, 2015

Bobby was circling the sky outside the nest when I arrived at Washington Square Park today:

He tucked in and darted northeast of the park. I found him on the top of a favorite building  overlooking Broadway:

Having a scratch:

He flew off after 8 minutes and circled just north of the park:

Two Turkey Vultures passed by, heading east. One of the pair:

Bobby flew toward 6th Avenue and 10th Street and disappeared on me. A fellow Hawk-watcher told me she has seen Bobby on the Jefferson Market Library at that corner before so I went to look for him there (and the surrounding couple of blocks) but I didn't find him.

Here's a Google Maps screenshot of the library (marked with the red "A") in relation to the park:

Sadie was in the nest the whole time:

A poor mermaid was stuck in a tree outside the library nest:

But the handsome white pigeon I see from time to time was doing well:

He was wooing a lady:

A gentleman who had noticed me photographing the pigeon apparently couldn't resist taking photos of it either and who could blame him?