Sadie takes an hour-long break, Bobby travels east - April 15th, 2015

Bobby and Sadie had a nest switch soon after I arrived in Washington Square Park today.


I looked for Sadie but she was clearly in some mysterious location so I waited a long while by the nest in the hopes of seeing her upon her return.

She came bulleting back after an hour:

She was toting something small but I couldn't tell what it was:

Bobby left the nest shortly after her arrival.

He flew to one of his favorite NYU Silver Center perches (diagonally northeast from the nest):

He preened for a minute.

He left Silver after 2 minutes:

He circled above the eastern side of the park before heading out of the park and going further northeast:

I spotted him on a water tower a few blocks from the park:

I often look for him there when passing by but this was the first time I'd ever actually seen him on that perch. 

Having a scratch:

He took off 4 minutes after I had spotted him.

He flew over Broadway and Lafayette for a few before disappearing: