Bobby catches a squirrel for his family - May 24th, 2015

Bobby sat in a squirrel nest at the northeastern corner of Washington Square Park for several minutes this morning before making his move and fighting and capturing his prey:

He was tussling with the squirrel while who I assume was its mate was returning to the nest with a peanut in its mouth: 

That squirrel fled down the branch when Bobby rose out of the nest with his catch:

A bunch of park-goers watched the whole drama unfold and stepped by the lawn fence to watch what Bobby would do next. From what I overheard some of the people saying, they were pretty shocked and amazed at what they were seeing. I and my fellow Hawk-goers were awfully impressed too! 

Bobby landed on the Garibaldi statue:

It didn't take long for a Blue Jay to start dive-bombing him:

He flew to the roof of a building along the eastern side of the park. He was out of view so I checked on the Hawk nest. 

One of the baby Hawks was up and flapping on the ledge:

Bobby reappeared 15 minutes later:

He continued to hopscotch his way closer to the nest.

He brought the squirrel to the nest after another 10 minutes.

Sadie flew into the nest a few seconds later. She is on the left in the photo below:

Bobby departed then flew to the Judson Memorial Church cross.

Sadie began to feed the baby that was in the nest while the first baby was still frolicking on the ledge.

Some apricot coloring developing on the chest:

Sadie is quite attentive watching the babes as they move about:

Bobby flew northeast out of the park and Sadie continued to feed.

The eastern white pigeon was making his rounds and looking well:

I left with Sadie feeding one of the babes while the other was relaxed and preening.