Bobby serves pigeon, baby Hawks get much taller - May 11th, 2015

Bobby was first on the Judson Memorial Church cross when I approached Washington Square Park today. Within minutes he was off, heading right to One Fifth Avenue:

He was seated on the northwestern corner of the building top (seen jutting out on the lower left ledge in the photo below):

Sadie soon appeared, seated on a building below his:

She dove down then flew to NYU's Silver Center water tower:

She circled above my and a fellow Hawk-watchers heads before disappearing east:

She came back with a twig for the nest:

One of the babes got up and moved around a bit:

The little Hawks are much taller than they were when I last visited on May 7th.

One of them flapped its wings a few times albeit clumsily:

I saw a large bird dive down from one of the western trees in the corner of my eye. Pigeons fled the trees instantly. I thought it might be Bobby hunting. I wanted to look for him in the trees but I didn't want to miss any nest action so I stayed put.

Temptation won me over several minutes later so I headed to the trees. I spotted Bobby sitting on a branch and before I could lift my camera he was already on his way out of the trees with a pigeon in tow:

He was soon harassed by a pair of Blue Jays:

He hopscotched his way to the nest with the pigeon:

He left the nest after a couple of minutes and returned to the cross:

He then soared about and disappeared westward. I had been in the park for almost two hours so I left while Sadie was keeping guard over the nest.