Hawk babies up and flapping regularly now - May 20th, 2015

The Washington Square Park Hawk babies are now mobile enough to step into the middle of the window ledge and flap a bit before returning to the nest.


Marine helicopters flew over the park. A fellow Hawk-watcher informed me that it's Fleet Week in the city, hence the military presence:


The white east-side pigeon was doing well:

Bobby was getting harassed by a Mockingbird for a few minutes:

Sadie left the nest and flew right to Silver:

Bobby and Sadie:

Bobby flew to the nest 3 minutes later:

He left after another 8 minutes:

Bobby and Sadie back in the nest, Sadie on the left with a twig:

One of the kids got some exercise for a few minutes while mom watched over it intently:

The little Hawk settled back into the nest to rest with its sibling.