Hawk kids stand and flap, Bobby & Sadie take extended nest breaks - May 17th, 2015

The Washington Square Park Hawk babies are getting big enough to stand in the nest and practice wing-flapping/stretching. 

I spent an hour and a half watching Bobby and Sadie take extended nest breaks now that the babies are more developed.

Bobby was on the park arch when I arrived:


Bobby seen sitting on NYU's Silver Center:

I had my small point-and-shoot camera with me that helped show the distance between where Bobby was on Silver and Bobst Library:

Bobby flew to Judson Memorial Church's cross:

Off after 2 minutes:


She flew out of the nest 20 minutes later and perched on a building further west.

The little Hawks got up and stretched a bit. They are no longer little white fluff balls!

Neither adult returned to the nest after another 20 minutes so I headed out of the park for the day.

Plants still had their collection of rain water from the night before:

A fellow Hawk-watcher told me later in the day that one of the baby Hawks was seen on the window ledge so they're already doing lots of exploring.