White baby fuzzballs make their appearance - May 7th, 2015

Sadie was in the nest and Bobby was on a western building when I first got to Washington Square Park:

Bobby got dive-bombed by a Kestrel:

Its mate appeared after 5 minutes and dive-bombed him as well:

Bobby had had enough and flew off his perch almost 10 minutes after the first dive-bombs began:

The pair continued to harass him as he circled in the sky.

They chased him and bounced off his back a few times.

He led them far northeast from the park and from the nest. 

Sadie began to feed the youngins.

I could barely make out the top of one of the fuzzy white Hawk baby heads:

It looked like she was feeding multiple babies. It's still a mystery as to what is going on with the 3rd egg.

Sadie took a break from feeding after about 15 minutes.

She left the nest for a break 40 minutes later but I couldn't see where she went because I had moved and trees were blocking my view at that point.

I did see Bobby and then Sadie in the sky a few minutes after that when I was on my way home for the evening.

It won't be long until the little ones get taller and become more visible.