Another day on the sill, other fledgling sitting high - June 17th, 2015

The fledgling that was at the Pless building since Monday was still there when I visited this morning:


Watching one of the freed feathers:

The empty nest:

The first Hawk that fledged (who I'll refer to as F1) was sitting on the roof of Shimkin, a block south from Pless:

Bobby circled across and above the fledglings:

He flew on the side of Silver, across from F2, the second fledgling (who cried several times upon seeing him).

He flew alongside Silver and landed on the corner, taking some time to look over both fledglings:

Staring up at dad:

Looking over the fledgling:

He then flew above and around them again:

Sadie atop One Fifth Avenue:

Both Bobby and Sadie did a few fly-bys and circular flights around the fledglings over the course of my 3 ½ hour visit.

Time for another preen:

Bobby and Sadie then soared high in the sky together then went separate ways, Sadie going north, Bobby going south. 


Their flights indicated they'd be gone for a while (as I've learned from experience) so I made my way out of the area.

It shouldn't be long until both fledglings get regular meals again and begin to explore with gusto.


A fellow Hawk-watcher informed me that the Pless fledgling was still at its window as recently as 6:30PM tonight. Bobby and Sadie were seated on One Fifth.