Bobby and one fledgling seen - June 30th, 2015

I only saw one fledgling and one parent during my Hawk outing today. 

I heard a fledgling crying and I looked all around for it but couldn't locate it. The fledgling could have been on one of the buildings I walked past but tucked out of sight.

I spotted a fledgling 7 minutes later but it might not have been the crying one I had been hearing. It was on the building behind Pless:

It was sitting on the same refrigeration unit I first saw a fledgling at on the 28th.

I didn't even find the fledgling by tracking its sound (which ricochets between the tall buildings). I saw it because I had seen an adult fly in its direction moments earlier.

I suspect it was Bobby who I saw fly toward the fledgling because I then saw him fly back toward where he had come from:

The fledgling then hopped out of sight. I didn't see it or its sibling the rest of my visit.

This squirrel caught my attention because it was so darn chubby and white-chested:

It was quiet around the park (it might have been nap time for the two kids) so I had to rely on other clues as to where a Hawk was. 

A flock of pigeons scattered down one block, looking panicked. I looked up and saw Bobby circling above them for a few seconds. He then zipped westward:

I had to go and the Hawks were not around much so I left not long after Bobby disappeared. 

However around 4:50PM a fellow Hawk-watcher spotted one of the fledglings sitting at the same level where Bobby had stored a rat on the 28th. Picture from that day: