Fledgling finally off of Pless, has play-time on Silver - June 22nd, 2015

It took 7 days but the second Hawk to fledge finally left the Pless building and was found on a Silver Center ledge across the street. A fellow Hawk-watcher sent me the good news a few minutes before I headed out to come over.

The fledgling was walking along the wide ledge when I arrived:

It flew up to a window and tried to perch on the frame:

But its right talon(s) got caught in the frame and the fledgling flapped about, trying to break free:

It hung for several seconds:

I alerted one of the Silver Center NYU security guards and he rushed to go upstairs to see if he could help but thankfully the fledgling managed to untangle itself and jump down to the ledge again. The fledgling seemed uninjured after the mishap.

I then spotted Bobby circling above the park with food:

He passed by Silver and looked like he was headed for the Pless rooftop.

I spotted him a few seconds later sans food.

I guess Bobby passed the food to Sadie because she then flew overhead with food and dropped it off at the Silver Center rooftop 'dinner table':

The more adept fledgling rushed right over for breakfast:

The fledgling practically knocked Sadie away:

She flew off toward the park:

Bobby circled overhead then flew right down the street toward Broadway.

He tucked in and dove to a new window ledge perch I'd never seen him at before so it was a pretty exciting discovery:

Bobby's tail feathers poking out (it must be a pretty deep ledge):

Sadie joined him less than a minute later:

Bobby peeking out:

A wider view of the building:

Play time:

Sadie flew overhead 10 minutes later then appeared to hunt over the park: 

The fledgling watched her and cried out to her a few times:

Back to exploring and playing:

The other fledgling finished eating and reappeared:

It had eaten for almost 40 minutes.

It flew over the street and back toward Pless.

Its sibling cried when it saw it. The fledgling cries at every family member it sees. 

The fledgling then calmed down and preened for half an hour. It tucked down low on the ledge, presumably to sleep. 

You couldn't even see it from the sidewalk anymore:

All the Hawks got into relaxation mode so I found it to be a good time to leave for the day.

I think it was Sadie who I saw atop One Fifth Avenue as I was leaving: